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Discipline Referral


It is the intent of the MVES staff to promote self-discipline and responsibility among all students so that they may fully benefit from the education program.


Behavior reports notify parents of behavior problems which, if not corrected, result in a discipline referral.  Students will receive disciplinary action (referrals) possibly resulting in suspension or expulsion for violation of the Education Code 48900 (a-1 It is at the discretion of the administrator or designee to assign consequences for student referrals, regardless of the number of accumulated referrals.  Such violations are:


  • (a-1)   Cause/threaten/attempt physical injury
  • (a-2)   Willful use of force or violence
  • (b)      Possession of dangerous object(s)
  • (c)      Controlled substance/alcohol
  • (d)      Look-a-like of (c)
  •  (e)      Robbery/extortion
  •  (f)       Property damage
  •  (g)      Theft
  •  (h)      Tobacco
  •  (i)       Obscenity/profanity
  •  (j)       Drug paraphernalia
  •  (k)      Disruption/defiance
  •  (l)       Received stolen property
  •  (m)     Imitation firearm
  •  (n)      Sexual assault/battery
  •  (o)      Harass/threaten witness
  •  (p)      Offer/sell prescription Soma
  •  (q)      Engaged in/attempted hazing
  •  (s)      Aid/abet infliction of physical injury
  •  .2       Sexual harassment (grades 4-12)
  •  .3       Hate violence (grades 4-12)
  •  .4       Severe harassment/intimidation (grades 4-12)
  •  .7       Terroristic threats


A pupil may be suspended or expelled for these acts which occur:

  • while on school grounds,
  • while going to or from school (to include bus stops),
  • during lunch period,
  • during, or while going to or from, a school sponsored activity (Open House, field trips, etc.)


A note about weapons:

This special note urges you to safeguard your child from access to any weapons at your home or any home he or she may visit.  School principals must consider referring students (no matter how young) for expulsion if they bring a dangerous weapon on campus.  No item which can cause injury or intimidate others is considered to be of minor importance.  This includes the smallest penknife and guns that may not even work.  We appreciate your vigilance and concern for all children.