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School Site Council

School Site and ELAC Council/Site Based Management Minutes


Morongo Valley Elementary School 

School Site Council/Site Based Management 


March 19, 2015 

Meeting commenced at 3:00 p.m. 

1) In Attendance 

Georgianne Pope, Susie Seaton, Jim Norton, Jhaye Ducharme, Jeannine MacLeod, Judith Phipps, Becky Vilums 


2) Reading and Approval of the SSC/SBM & ELAC February 19, 2015 Minutes. 

Read by Georgianne Pope. Motion to approve minutes was made by Georgianne Pope, 2nd by Jeannine MacLeod. Approved. 


3) School Plan Update: 

No changes – same. 


4) Budget Update: 

CBEDS Update – It hurt most schools in the district, but for us, we get fifty thousand in Title I monies due to low-social economic children in our school. We have already made the choice to spend Title I monies on the mobile computer lab. We will be purchasing 2, possibly 3. 


5) Allocation of Funds: 

This is changing drastically! Account code 3010 has always been Title I monies to all students in the school. Now, we will only be able to use Title I monies for items “above and beyond” the normal curriculum. All orders will have to be indicated with justification as to who the items are purchased for. 


6) New Business: Open Floor 

Jeannine MacLeod asked if her computers would be replaced from the vandalism. Georgianne Pope stated that it would be covered under the district’s insurance policy. Raymond from IT would need to come out to transfer any computers that could be transferred temporarily. 


7) Old Business: 

Our electronic marquee has been delivered. It is currently sitting in the MPR waiting for Maintenance to set it up. 

We currently have Wifi. The Wifi password is given to those employees that choose to sign for it; understanding that it is not to be shared with parents or students, and that much down-loading may cause the district to block their device. 

Solar will be installed in August. We are working out a contingency for the first day of school. 


8) ELAC 

No new business to report. Becky stated that we are in the process of getting provisions for EL kids for testing. She explained that EL students typically get the instructions read to them in English and Spanish. 


9) Next SSC/ELAC Meeting Date 


April 16, 2015 @ 3:00 p.m. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:27 p.m.